Welcome every komondor fans and for komondor open minded people!


The komondor is the king of the dogs and dog of the kings!

We could begin to praise the komondors just in the introduction, but it is useless, regarding the website is surfing around this theme. There are to find a complete knowledge about this excellent Hungarian race, which regarding both his apparience and his inner characters merited the title „king of the dogs”.

Though he felt unmerited  into the background, todays we begin to discover the KOMONDOR again, the dog, who is member of our family, partner in the freetime and also a good collegue in the job. He is an excellent babysitter, if it is neccessary, a lazy lying petanimal or a perfect bodyguard, reliable sentinel and guard of our values.

All in one is the komondor!

We believe the excellent Hungarian race has future and we are devoted to introduce him all over the world.