8 júl, 2021

Who is responsible?

A tough question; Who’s responsible? Who is responsible for getting a komondor in trouble? Although it does not make sense to research, because it does not change the result, it is important to think about it anyway, because as long as we do not change, the situation cannot change! More and more komondors have to […]

6 okt, 2019

Zengő’s rescue

As used to be, to the first posted pictures of Zengő a lot of comments and instructions have been written, how and who has to be act, but the actions of the most of the commenters failed. There was the same, … or no, because 3 ladies began to manage this story, informed as and […]

27 febr, 2018

Melody of komondors

Nowdays the weather is crazy, in the morning is going to freeze, towards lunch time there is a sparkling sunshine. It is really interesting, when we in the morning step out of the house and the komondors are jingling when they come to us. How is it possible? Is a Komondor jingling? – It could […]

11 jan, 2018

Please help!

Dear Supporters and Komondor owners! As you know we rescue Komondor breed dogs for years. Even from pounds, from streets, or directly from chains. Who really like this breed, that knows they are fully stubborn, intelligent, strong and instinctive. How we started in those days this work I really do not know, maybe not so […]

10 jan, 2018

Early mornin “Pretzeling”

Who does it know what his name was before? Perhaps Suba or Betyár, may be Budás, now it isn’t important anymore his previous life ends and now he could receive a new, more beautiful life with help of lot of good persons. We can call it a second chance or a new begin, it may […]

12 dec, 2017

Komondor dog for Christmas?

Celebration Days are coming and everybody is looking for ideas, what kind of surprise to make to the beloved persons in the family, among the friends and the relatives. The most different things are in our mind, bicycle, book, phone, journey, clothes and unfortunately somebody means the best Christmas gift is a living animal. It […]

10 dec, 2017

Venimus, vidimus et comondors vincerunt

      We fullfilled a happy oblige again! This is the second Opel-Komondors Christmas organized by the Hungarian Opel’s Owners Association to help our rescued. From where is this contact? Why they and why we?   The answer is long but so simple! Once upon a time was a komondor in trouble. We went […]

20 szept, 2017


That Batyu needs for open chest surgery. Not yet 2 weeks ago, but he’s over a blood test and how much of a test he had. Yesterday we were with her abdominal ultrasound, but during the examination it turned out that her chest should be X-rayed. Unfortunately, what we saw there (and what the doctor […]

18 szept, 2017

Sheeperd dog meeting

   „While for owners of the watchdogs, sportdogs there are some possibilities to mesure the ability of the dogs and to present it to the public, the funs of the sheep-dogs find the right form of challenge, the devoters of the big shepherds dogs, whose origine is the Asiatic shepherds cukture and whose task is […]

18 júl, 2017

Saving Hajdú

          The last day before a 10-day car-free period, an almost 600km and we could live an another miracles. But that was not a miracle, but rather two. 😉   Hajdú was waiting for us at Hajdú-Bihar county, one of not too good Killing Statrion. There was Hajdú and was waiting […]