Defense against parasites

Protection against the parasites


The fleas, the ticks and other parasites won’t die out because of the today’s soft winters, and in spring will attack the old and also the new staff. In the long hair of komondor it is practically impossible to find these small animals, therefore we have to do everything for the prevention.


We can use so-called spot-ons, which has to be drop directly to the skin along the chine pulling away the hair.


However the tick and fleaskilling collar are ineffective in the huge hair. Their utility is limited regarding the fact, they can’t touch the skin.


One of the most effective remedy csn be the Neostomosan, 1 ampoule of this has to be solved in 1 liter water and it has to be vaporized to the body of the dog. Once needn’t be used the whole quantity, a komondor can be covered completely by 100 ml solution. The solution can be  vaporized on the easiest way by a plantvaporiser. Imminisation will be offered for 7-10 days, but we have to spend about 3-400 HUF. We can use the same solution to desinfect the place and the ambient of the place of our dog, regarding its fly-warner effect.