Komondor character

The inside characters of the komondor


How is a good komondor?


One word: like the Hungarian.  He has high intelligence, stubborn and headstrong, but loyal, who always does his work sharp and accurate. He has a big heart, but his hurts can dimenticate with difficulty. Reliable and forgiving, if it is neccessery. He lives for the family, for his children. Formal and elegant.

Regarding his original duty he doesn’t require too much, if he has the suitable place to move and the affect of his owner. In this case he feel himself perfectly well. To protect the territory is in his genetic sofar, it isn’t necceseery to be tought. The to him entrusted territory will be watched lying, with limited movements, but his vigilance won’t fail for a moment, in the night he is in a permanent movement, he goes round. The  attack the intruders front-wise and his goal isn’t the liquidation, but the neutralisation. Out od the territory he doesn’t chase, he walks with diognity to the best watching place back.


He is a strong, dominant race, but in case of the right education, he doesn’t want to dominate against his owner. Therefor we have to avoid the instabil dogs, beacuse they can generate unplesent and painful conflicts based on their inestimable behavior, which makes impossible a common life.

He is definitely humancentric, his affect is valid for the members of the family, the closest friends. He is reserved, distinguished, who expects to be hounored his independence, his suveren individuality. He mesures the intention of the arriver by his incredible instinct. If we are stranger, we have to behave reserved againt him and have to wait for his approach, until he doesn’t give the sign, we don’t demonstrate our affect towards him.


The komondor helps his owner and his family for centuries by independent decides, therefore we don’t expect of him task without dignity, we have to renounce to the retriver, tor un the Marathon or repaet a task – to sit down – 16 times, because he does it once surely, but we have to be aware, that he didi t, because he loves us. We have to accept, that in an acut case he begins to work soon, in our presence for our copmmand, if we are not present independent based on his more centuries old instincts, and he will protects the to him entrusted territory, goods and the family.


It is useful to known, this description is only for the GOOD komondor valid. Looking at the standards, we can see, the description of the carriage, particularly of the head is more extensive then one of the interior characters. This attutide determined the critcism of the championships for several years. In consequence of this method became insignificant the interior characters in the breeding and this caused the retrogradation. For example the dog with high-tall, who are definitely dominant( that means as dog correctly behaves) receive a negativ judgement, while the coward and instabil dogs, which are beside the owner with low-tall can be race-championers. The human intermediation causes a strong contraselection. So the change of the race-standards and the points of the judgements are the most important tasks of the breeding of the komondor.


It is worse to depart from the carriage and instincts of a good komondor, from them loosing only one we can’t consider the komondor as komondor anymore. By the standards the komondor is white. Therefore if the komondor isn’t white, is he not a komondor anymore. By the standards has shaggy hair. Inconsequence if the komondor hasn’t got shaggy hair, he isn’t a komondor anymore. The komondor is courageous. Accordingly isn’t he a komondor , if is not fearless.