The first and most important thing regarding protection of our komondor is the vaccination. A dog need to have the vaccination for parvo and distamper and the binding vaccination of antirabic. The vaccination has to be started just at the puppies. Regarding the puppy before his 8 weeks age couldn’t be separated from his mother by the valid Animal Protection Act, therefore he has to have at least one combined vaccination. Int he meantime the breeder or the increaser has to give them at least twice verfumiges. Then the dog has to receive at the veterinar int he right oder and by the right timing his vaccines. We have to know, the actual vaccines donate to the dog a protection for 3 years (dincluding the antirabic vaccine). Therefore the adult dog needdn’t be vaccined every year by combined vaccine, but the antirabic one is obligatrory by the law. The dog travelling abroad can have a different timing of vaccination based ont he prescriptions of the visited country.


In case of adopted dogs is one of the terms is the complete vaccination, which will be done in the recue or killing stations. After the adoptation it worse to be harmonize the vaccination at the veterinar in the first visit, when the chip will be settled.


There aren’t to much typs of worms which can infect the human body, buti t is suitable to deworm the adult dogs yearly or in every 6 month.


The vaccinations have to be beared out by the vaccination’s book, what about every vaccinated dogs have to dispose. In case of travel to abroad need a pet passport too.


By the Animal Protection Act every dog, which is older than 3 months has to be chipped. The dog with pedigree will chipped by the breeder, dogs without pedigree depends the chipping ont he agreement between the seller and the new owner.