What means this name, Komondor in the XXI century?

Why does the komondor have to be shepehrd-dog also in the XXI. century?


The komondor is a shepherd dog race. It was shepherd-dog thousend years, centuries, or decades before and it will be shepherd-dog after centuries. Its present isn’t so nice. Why? Because the carriage-breeding brought his „beneficent” fruit and as in the case of severel race of dogs has gone the komondosr also on the wrong way.

When we are talking about the komondor as a shepherd dog, we are talking about, it is the member of  racegroup, which is the most excellent among the dograces. It has to fill such a lot of requierments, which no other race has to suit to. At same time it has to be lovely and wild, retiring and friendly. He has to recognize, who nis the enemy and who is a friend. It has to suit in the mountains and also in the metropolis’. To suit all these, it has to own a brilliant intelligence to be able to decide correctly in a concrete case without the presence of the owner. He has to be free of all kind of  extravagances. He can’t be too agressiv, but he can’t be coward, he can be neither small nor gigant. The shepherd dog is the golden middle way, because any kind of exremity diminuites its value.


Why has to be hold these signs of character?

Some people (unfortunately a few breeders ) thinks, the today requirements are different from the past one, that a komondor of the ancient instinctstocks can’t fill them. They are wrong!

What does a shepherd expect of his dog and what do we expect of him, who are looking at them, as a petanimal of our family, or watchdog of our house?


Expectations of a shepherd of his dog Our expections of a family dog
to protect the flock to  protect the house, the family
not to eat the buyers in the markets a neutral, retiring behavior during the walks, not to eat the passengers
not to make any damages in the to him entrusted animals not to make any damages into the members of the family, domestic animals
not to attack the persons, who come closer to the flock, but haven’t got any bad intention not to attack the persons who come closer to the house but they haven’t got any bad intentions
to recognize the approachers with bad intention to recognize the approachers with bad intention
also to act correctly without the shepherd also to act correctly without his owner
to eat modestly (low cost dog) to eat modestly (low cost dog)
nice and good nice and good


It is quite clear, there isn’t anykind of  inconsistency between the two requirements.

None of dog was given into the killing station, because he wasn’t nice.  But in several case happend it by reasoon, dog isn’t good. Therefore is an order of importance, first of all to be good, and then to be nice. The nervic instabil, anxiety-agressiv dogs have to disappear from the breeding at whatever cost.The breeders haven’t got any right to mix the notions like coward, courageous, stabil, instabil, agressiv. They need breed stabil, fearless dog with low-middle agression, not coward, instabil dog with high agression.


Unfortunately, today is it hard to find breeders who can recognize the example with bad intincts and that is the reason why they don’t select them. If they would develope their knowledges, the komondor would have a very big chance to be same as in the past, the king of the dogs.



The next problem is the wrong idea, that the dog can’t decide correctly. That means, he can’t make any differences between the badintentioned adults and the innocent child. It might characterize a bad dog. But the goal is to select these examples from the breeding by test and professionalism.


The most important to allow the reproduction only to the stabil, healthy dogs. The dogs, who aren’t able to run 5 km long or behave coward have to be excluded from the breeding. Because the dog, which is not able to run 5 km isn’t healthy, which is coward can’t be stabil. If we don’t eclude them, we allow to the race a further degeneration.


The preferred value of the current carriage breeding is supported by the only the carriage character favorizing, mostly corrupt champion-system. The result is the inferior dog, which owns inherited diseases, who diminuites the chance of the future breeders and further demoralizes the maltreated reputation of the race. Who was disappointed once in a komondor, will give an other chance with difficulty.


Summerizing we can establish, the komondor of the XXI. century has to be identical with the komondor of our ancessors, because the good shepherd dog is the best familiy dog.